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 Katy's diary....

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ПорукаНаслов: Katy's diary....   Katy's diary.... Icon_minitimeFri Feb 13, 2009 9:42 pm

Ovo je dnevnik Katy Perry,nije izmisljen vec ga licno ONA pise....Nemojte da me pitate odakle mi to,itd....

My parents approved the most redick family fotos and sent them into CBS without thinking about it or asking what I thought about it. You can imagine as I am sitting there watching the tv, hands over face… mortified. Thank you mom and dad… at the old age of 24 you continue to succeed in making my face red. I would have sent in more of my pageant photos of course… but… what fun would that be? I love to play a wonderful game of YOUR TEAM. And this a is great YOUR TEAM. (basically you put a bunch of iidjiiots on your friends team so they are just totally impaired in life Smile I wanna your team all my fans with a photo of my HOT GINGE sister, Angela. Wow. look at that tender mess.

We’re sorry all the gingers are going extinct. We salute you for you braveness of being a ginge.

p.s. she’s gonna kill me when she wakes up and finds the spreading of the ginge foto all over the www. yesss.the.power.is.mine.

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Katy's diary....
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